Upgrade auf ChiliProject 2.3

Am 04.10.2011 wurde die Version 2.3 von ChiliProject freigegeben. Nach kurzem Test an 2 kleineren Installationen wurde das Release auch in eingespielt. Die Release-Notes findet ihr hier: Wie erwartet funktionierte das Update reibungslos.

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siduction Developer Meeting

On Sunday, 2011-10-09 at 19:00 UTC +2 we have a developer- and core-team meetíng on IRC OFTC in #siduction-dev. Its time to finalize plans on how to move towards a release in less then 3 months. Topics wil include: Setting up the Buildserver What is the state of the Installer-Frontend …

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State of Affairs

We are 3 months away from a proposed release-date. So lets see, where we stand. We have 2 major strings of action we need to work on simultaniously: Setting up infrastructure and preparing for release. The infrastructure is basicaly done, mostly needs a broom and a brush for some paint. …

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