Join in

Siduction is a community distribution. This means that it lives from the cooperation and commitment of each individual. Therefore we are always open for suggestions, ideas and proposals. No matter what it is, it’s worth discussing them in the appropriate section of the forum.
And if you stumble upon a problem or find bugs, please visit our forum in the “Bugs” section and report it there in a direct and uncomplicated way.

Contribute Code

Or, better yet, if you already have a solution, take a look at our source code on Github and open an issue or pull request there.

Forum & Chat

In general, the forum is the first point of contact. So it’s never wrong if you register there and check in regularly. Just to stay up to date – keyword “rolling release”. But also to talk with friendly people about everything around siduction, Linux and Free Software.

And if that’s not enough or you prefer it fast, we recommend our IRC chatrooms. All of them can be found on OFTC and can be reached via Matrix:

  • For general talk: #siduction
  • German language: #siduction-de
  • Core Team: #siduction-core