Like any other project, we rely on donations. Your donations go towards test hardware, server infrastructure and the presentation of the project at Linux congresses. In order to keep the process clean and transparent, without burdening our team with additional work, we have chosen Open Collective as our service provider. This allows one-time donations as well as regular monthly or yearly support.

Where can I donate?

For residents of Europe we have set up siduction-eu, for citizens of the USA siduction-us. Those who live outside of both decide for themselves where they would like to donate. The main difference between the two collectives is the currency used, on the one hand Euro and on the other hand US Dollar. As payment methods credit card, PayPal but also classic bank transfer are available.

Thank you for supporting the project!

What does Open Collective do for us?

Open Collective has some nice features. For one thing, it takes care of everything for us, eliminating the need to set up a non-profit organization, taking care of taxes and such. For another, it’s completely transparent in both directions. Everyone can see what’s coming in and what’s going out and what it’s been spent on. There’s not much to see on our side yet, but you can see an illustrative example on the Manjaro community page.

On the negative side, if you want to look at it that way, Open Collective keeps 10% of the money that comes in to pay for their infrastructure and the services they offer. We think that’s a fair compromise for us, because we don’t have the time or the nerves to deal with that any more than we have to.