Welcome to siduction

Siduction is an operating system based on the Linux kernel and the GNU project. In addition, there are applications and libraries from Debian.

The name siduction is a play on two words. The word sid, which is the codename of Debian Unstable, and seduction in the sense of seduce.

Rolling Release

Siduction is a rolling release due to its coupling with Debian sid. Specifically, this means that the release of a new version does not require reinstalling the system to get updated packages. Instead, updates are regularly incorporated into the system through software updates.


Note: since siduction uses the so-called unstable branch of Debian, users should familiarize themselves with the basic use of a terminal.

Join In

Siduction is a community distribution. This means that it lives from the cooperation and commitment of each individual. Therefore we are always open for suggestions, ideas and proposals. But also problems – ideally even with a solution – are welcome. Every user and all interested parties are cordially invited to get involved!

All ways and possibilities for this can be found here.


Siduction was created in July 2011 from the former Aptosid community. More history bits can be read here. The goal of the distribution was and is to involve its users. Wherever it makes sense, the community should have a say. In addition, as much as possible should be given back to Debian. After all, give & take is the basic principle of Free Software. And this principle is of course also valid for the upstream.

Free software and free drivers are always preferred, but non-free variants are by no means prevented. It is important that the user is informed about what free and proprietary mean in this context. Then he must decide for himself. Furthermore Siduction is committed to the core values of the social contract and the DFSG of Debian.