Release Notes for the first development release of
siduction-noX 2012.1.7

We are exited to share with you the first development release of a new flavour of siduction. As the name suggests, noX is a version of our distribution without a X-server. That might be a interesting release for our users for different reasons.

There are people that like to work without a graphical interface. We have packed a plethora of useful tools for that purpose into noX. Another use case could be that you would like to build your own system from scratch. Then you can build on noX to add software to your liking. If you need a quick testbase or want a clean development system, noX can be installed and ready in minutes. This siduction-noX development release, codenamed paintitblack, ships with siductions own kernel 3.6.1 and gcc-4.7 and weighs in at 360 MByte. ISO images as well as a torrent file for 32- and 64-bit surroundings can be found on our mirrors.

The released images are a snapshot of Debian Sid from 2012-10-15. They consist of a base siduction system with GNU tools and other handy helper applications from a variety of areas.

Other than our siduction admin tools you will find elinks-lite, ffmpeg , glances, hddtemp , hdparm, htop, iotop, iftop, imagemagick, john , mc, moc, nano, ncdu, rkhunter, screen, signing-party, smartmontools, strace, weechat, wvdial, whohas and many others.

Why a development release?

This development release serves multiple purposes. Besides making sure it is technicaly clean on more hardware than we can test on, we would like to get feedback from the community about for what purposes this relesase gets put to work. If we get a clearer picture of your use cases, we might be able to tailor it even better. Please let us know on the forum, how you would like noX to be. Also please report any bugs on the forums bug section or in Chili.

Our resources

Git Archive
Distro News

Support can be obtained on our forum as well as on IRC. The relevant channels on OFTC-Network are #siduction for english support or #siduction-core, if you like to join in and participate. On your desktop there is also an icon that takes you to the right channel for support, depending on the chosen language.

To be able to act as a testbed for Debian, we are introducing our own bug-tracker. Weathered users will know how to file bugs directly with the Debian BTS (Bug Tracking System). For users not so comfortable with the system we have reportbug-ng preinstalled. Let me explain how you can help us and Debian by submitting bugreports for broken packages.
If you think you found a bug in a Debian package, please start reportbug-ng and put the name of the package in the adress-line on top. The app will now search through the already filed bugs for that package and show those. Now it’s up to you to determine if “your” bug has already been reported. If it is, ask yourself if you have anything relevant to add to this report or maybe even a patch. If not, you are done for this time. If the bug has not been reported yet and you are not familiar with the BTS yet, you may report the bug in our Bug-Tracker. That also goes for siduction packages as well. We will sort the bugs for you and file them in the appropriate place, if it’s reproducible. Please look out for a forum post with more detailed info on the bug-tracker soon. If all this seems too complicated for now, feel free to use the bugs-thread on the forum; it will keep working until final release.


If you should ask yourself, where the codename ‘paintitblack’ comes from, we name our releases after famous songs from rock-music history. Paint it, black, a song from the fourth album by the Rolling Stones, called Aftermath, was written by Jagger/Richards in 1966. We found it very adequate for this release.

As we always look for further developers and contributors, we would like to welcome you on IRC in #siduction-core and tell us what ou want to do for us.

Credits für siduction-noX 2012.1.7

Core Team

Alf Gaida (agaida)
Axel Beu (ab)
Ferdinand Thommes (devil)
Hendrik Lehmbruch (hendrikl)
Holger Wagemann (holgerw)
Markus Meyer (coruja)
Stefan Tell (cryptosteve)
Tom Wroblewski (GoinEasy9)
Torsten Wohlfarth (towo)

Art Team

Hendrik Lehmbruch (hendrikl)
Sven Strohmeier (se7en)

Code, Ideen, Unterstützung

J. Hamatoma (hama)
Michael Singer (bluelupo)
Markus Schimpf (arno911)

Thank you!

Also thank you very much, all the testers and all the people that gave us support in any possible way. This is also your achievement.

We also want to specially express our thanks to Debian and sidux/aptosid for paving the road we travel on.

And now enjoy!

On behalf of the siduction team:
Ferdinand Thommes

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