Siduction 12.2.0 RC1 – The Doors Are Alive!!

Siduction "Riders on the storm" 12.2.0.rc1 XFCE
Sneekylinux Review of Siduction 12.2.0.rc1 XFCE

Here we have the new one from the comm guys at siduction, and it is a release candidate but on the whole it is nice to use and runs fast on even low end systems,(this one was the old P4 system) now this was a hardware install and video as you may gather once you watch it, and i did have quite a few probs with audio, it was like going back in time really so the need to sort that out, but on the whole being a rc it aint to bad so go give it a try. You may even see the doors….lol, super man…!!

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