Sailing into new waters with Joomla

As i promised, or threatened, depending on the readers preference, i am switching this blog to english. Do not hesitate to let me know if you translated an article, i will gladly add it.

Topic of this one here  is the CMS,  and the representation of siduction through it. Not long ago i suggested, we should leave Zikula (the CMS behind sidux/aptosid) behind and move on to something fresh for several reasons. Having administered Zikula for some years, i see only one advantage of said CMS: its very safe. That is an important feature, but not everything. Zikula is complicated while being not as flexible as i would expect. Plus cutting ties to Zikula cuts ties to the past.

For a fresh start i recommended Joomla, as it has developed a lot in the last year or 2, and i have to learn how to work it for a job project anyways. We agreed on giving it a thorough beating in the next weeks, but it seems to be what we want already. The forum software we decided on is Kunena. Powerful and scalable, it just needs a nice design. Should we have anyone in the community that knows (parts of) Joomla, please speak up if you like, we need YOU 🙂

Speaking of design…

Art-Team has been creative again, mocking up new webdesign ideas. Please have a look and comment on the ones you like/dislike. We will, adequately to what we did for the distro-name and logo, vote on a subset of these mockups on Sun, 2011-09-25 at 20:00 UTC in #siduction-core, preliminary to the fortnightly core meeting. The meeting is open and everyone is welcome to join. See you there.

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