Making Friends

You’re always supposed to have a good relationship with your parents. I tried to befriend our parents, Debian, today by sending notice of our ‘soon to come’ existence to the Debian Derivatives mailing list. My reasoning was, the sooner the better. I was aware, there would be mockery about another fork from the group of people that already forked Kanotix and sidux. Mockery came mostly from the ‘german cabal’, the drivatives IRC channel and others were more professional. The expected argument: “Why not within Debian?” was and still is discussed on the list. In the end, my hope is, there will be a fruitfull relationship, that pays off for both, Debian and siduction.

One thought on “Making Friends

  1. hmm, zu den Eltern ?

    Wären das in diesem Fall nicht eher die Groß- bzw. die Urgroßeltern 😛 ?



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