Name-dropping is always nice, the more so, if done by the DPL himself. Not too long ago i did an interview with him for an essay on german linux magazine LinuxUser on the history of debian derivative distributions. The last chapter is still unwritten, as Debian Rolling, the derivative from inside, so to speak, is still unreleased. So, as my essay waits for reality to catch up, zack approached me today, asking if it was ok to release at least the interview we had had, on Planet Debian, so to maybe push Debian Rolling (and with that, my essay) a bit.

Of course, after reading it over again, i had no objections against publication, given the fact, that noone knows if and when Debian Rolling will materialize, and, in the course of that, my article with the interview will be published. So, here is at least for now,  Stefano’s thoughts on my questions on debian derivative distributions. He was nice enough, probably after he stopped shaking his head on another fork,  to mention our little project as well, as he of course had learned the news from the debian derivatives mailing list.

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