An important step towards a release

Last night we finaly decided on a Corporate Design for siduction. it was high time, as the different samples we had grew in numbers and quality, but there was not much of common grounds in the core-team. So, last night we did a quick&dirty eliminator-vote without much further discussion, and tada…, after about 1 hour we had a winner.

and the winner is a design that coruja did. congrats on that, a good choice, as far sa i am concerned. The other contestants can be found in Outtakes. As you can see, we had a lot of high quality drafts, which did not make it easier to make a sane choice that looks good and works as Corporate Design without hiring a dozen of web-developers.

If in retrospection we look on the past months, we might find, the vote on the design was the hardest one to make, even harder that the one on the name. Whatever makes it so hard to decide on art, its behind us now. We took a deep breath after it was done. Now lets move on. The log is, as always, online

Besides the eyecandy (well, its really much more than that) a lot of work went into forking packages and the new installer, as can be seen in the timeline of our git repository.

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