So what’s new?

Due to totaly unexpected, but nonetheless positive things popping into my private life, I have not been posting for some days now. On the other hand, there was no immediate need to do so. So today lets see what is new.

Our donation-sprint was an overwhelming success, thank you all very much for that. Details can be found on our forum. Besides the money we also got a slim PC and a monitor for use at Linux Fairs as donations. Thanks much for that as well.

In our last core-meeting we voted on some designs for PR stuff and on the codename for our next release 2012.1, which will be ‘Desperado’, named after a classic by the Eagles. Thank you for all the proposals from the community.

With choosing a name for 2012.1 we also entered the release-cycle for that release. For now we are trying to set a date and schedule and see, whats on the menu. More on this soon to come.


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