Two Weeks in the Wild

A little over 2 weeks have passed since our first final release, and things are moving along rather smoothly. We shipped no grave bugs, we did forget a few packages though. A lot of work went into the manual in the past weeks and i am proud to say, the english and german files are uptodate again. The manual has also been pimped visualy to a clearer look, a better readable font, and our Corporate Design has been added to it. Also 3 translators / maintainers volunteered to review and update the manual files for their native language. These are italian, greek and polish. Thanks a lot for that! These languages will go online again within a week. If you can help with your native language, please do so!

We had a few reviews, none of them had much negative things to point out. I will write 2 articles for the german print-magazine LinuxUser. One will present the project with its ressources and goals, the other will be based on this blog and will feature the birth of a distribution along the lines of my posts here.

We will present the project with a booth in March at Chemnitzer Linuxtage and in May at LinuxTag Berlin. We will share a booth with Debian at both events, maybe Kanotix will join in for LT Berlin. As a special for LT i had the idea, that we could do a special LT-release, built and released at the booth. Visitors could have it copied to a siduction-branded USB-Stick and carry it home. That should attract quite a interested crowd.

One thought on “Two Weeks in the Wild

  1. Thank you very much guys. I switched to siduction 1 week ago and it is one of the best distros I’ve ever used. A good base (sid) + good package selection and smooth installation with a great name 😀 keep the good job.

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