Core Meeting and other Ocurrances

Last night we had a Core-Team Meeting. We did not have one for 3 weeks as there was no topics. Last nights topics were:

  • final thoughts on nm integration?
  • reconsidering our release plan?
  • Amazon Affiliate Program ( – objections?
  • razor-qt artwork
  • are we to set up a little http server on our build server for providing iso files and packages for testing purposes more easily?

As for Network manager integration, we decided to release it with XFCE for a start to get a broader picture. It seems most trouble with nm is with KDE.

The release plan was and is, to release before LinuxTag convention (May 23-26). We are waiting for KDE SC 4.8.2 to be available somewhere in a debian repo. We still plan to do a release of Razor-qt, probably as a developement-release outside of our release cycle.

We agreed that we want to use the Amazon Affiliate Program to generate some money. We hope you will order through the link we will provide, if you order from Amazon.

Razor-qt will have it’s separate artwork, as the first release is outside of our release cycle. a first draft by se7en is online.

As for a http server to serve early testers: we will have one, but rather rsynched to another server than on the devbox directly. We think it’s better to keep that box untainted.

In other news, we have a new mirror in Germany at University Stuttgart. the specs are:

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