Patches for “samsung-laptop”-driver with UEFI

Kernel Panic on bricked Samsung Notebook
Kernel Panic on bricked Samsung Notebook

Samsung had to take a solid beating this week for obviously not having tested their notebooks under Linux, booting with UEFI. Quite a few people had to brick their notebooks before the story finaly came up. Patches by Matt Fleming (scroll down to M, like Matt) from Intel, that will prevent  “samsung-laptop” from being started, where hastily included into kernel 3.8 -rc6 before Linus took of for a week of well deserved diving. In his usual charming way he lets us know:  “I have a CleverPlan(tm) to make *sure* that rc7 will be better and much smaller. That plan largely depends on me being unreachable for the next week due to the fact that there is no internet under water.

As of today, our kernel 3.7.5 has these patches included to prevent our users from bricking their devices. Happy computing.

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