LinuxTag 2012 is over. We had a good time during the 4 days and on the parties at night. Of course a lot of people asked, what the new namechange was all about, but noone was begrudging really. Thanks to the debian and kanotix people for sharing a great booth.

On Friday night we had a little release party at the booth with about 30 attendents, who enjyoed beer, meatballs and a first open build and introduction to our razor-qt release. It was planned that it should be released from there, but we decided to give it some more love and add some eyecandy. So we released it this morning. Downloads are to be found on our mirror site.

Just before LinuxTag 2012 we also did the final release of siduction 12.1 Desperado. Release notes has the details and downloads are also on the mirror site.

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