New server, old website

In our Core-Meeting last night we mainly had 3 topics.

The first one was about the releases we plan until the end of 2012. I had made suggestions on a rough timeline for this and it was approved, with the chance of small changes as we go. Here is what is planned:

  • ~ 2012-10-15  noX Developement Release
  • ~ 2012-11-01  normal Release (KDE,XFCE,LXDE,Razor-qt)
  • ~ 2012-11-20  Gnome Developement Release
  • ~ 2012-12-26   X-Mas Special (needs to be defined still)

As Wheezy will not be releasaed in 2012 [RC bug count: 529 as of today], we do not expect any problems from that direction. With noX and Gnome there will be two new members in our flavour-family. My guess is that they will complete our flavour-list for now.

The 2nd topic was discussed quite controversial, as to be expected. We have, since we started siduction, been working on a new website, based on Joomla, with a new forum included. The main reason for that was, to have something fresh and to get away from Zikula, the software powering now. Unfortunately it turned out that noone really had the time to stem this job. We had in that respect clearly bitten off more than we could chew

To bring that endevour to a good end, I suggested we pay someone ~ €300 to finish the project and technicaly support it for a year. After a heated discussion a vote on this denied that suggestion. The alternative that was being held against it is, to start afresh with SMF instead of Joomla. So lets see how that goes.

The 3rd topic was about getting our hands on a 2nd server. We have a powerful buildserver that is used for building testing and release images and our kernels. The rest of our stuff (forum, chili dev-plattform, git) was on productive private servers that were not easily exessible to the team. We need to put these tasks on a server that we control. So we decided to vote,  if we should spend ~ €500 p.a. for such a machine. Before the vote was finished, a Core-Team member sponsored  such a root-server for us. Well, many thanks for that, it is highly appreciated!

Because it was getting late we moved the remaining topics on the list to the next meeting on Oct. 7.

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