Call for community

Last night we had one of our fortnightly Core-Team meetings. Topics and log are, as usual, online. Basicaly, the topics were noX, new webserver and state of new web portal.

NoX seems to be good to go as a developement release, given that tests this coming week run smooth. We will try to add some graphics to the tty, but I doubt this will happen for the upcoming release.

Our new webserver is about good to go, most everything is migrated (thanks to agaida for that). Nginx is serving instead of Apache2. Work on new website has been picked up again, using SMF and TinyPortal. We are getting along good so far, multi-language capability has been implemented already, which is always a bit of a tedious job.

Our wiki had a hard time in the past on the host it was on, because effective spam-fighting was hard to do. Now we are setup and good to go on the new server and spammers will have a hard time. Now the database needs to be cleaned out from more than 2000 spammers, then checked for depricated content. This is a community job and everyone can participate and give back. So please, anyone interested in a helpful and uptodate wiki, come and help. As soon as the german version is cleaned out, we would like to translate the content to english. Good job for long winter nights.

Facing 3-4 release dates until the end of the year, we are moving to weekly Core-Team meetings again from now on. For anyone interested, they take place every sunday night at 21:00 UTC -2.

And on a complete different subject, this news item from Kenya made my day. M$ starts bullying Africa by spreading the usual FUD. This guy takes it so far as to allege that open source software is not copyrighted.  🙂

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