Best practice with mirrors and torrents

With a new release coming up and our userbase growing, let me drop some words on best practices for downloading our images and keeping your installation uptodate by dist-upgrade.

When it comes to downloading our images, we have, along with our latest release yesterday, established the offer to download our iso-images per torrent from the minute they hit the mirrors.  On the server you see, among the other files, a torrent file for each architecture.  With the next release the torrent files will be in a separate directory, so they are easier to find. Team members will be seeding right from the beginning to try and help with giving you a fast download for the iso-files.

We recommend you to use this method, specially if you do not have one of our mirrors close to you.  But to reach broad distribution, we need you to also seed the files. So, even if you want your image straight away and decide to pull it per ftp/http from the mirrors, please consider to help us seeding the files during their lifetime.

Torrents make it not only easier for you to download our images in areas with no mirror close up, but also help us keeping our servers operating at decent speed. We have 10 TByte Traffic for free per month. If we exceed that limit, our speed will be capped drasticaly from 250 MBit/s to 10 MBit/s.

This is also important when it comes to what servers you use in your sources.list. We recommend you use one of the repositories mentioned on the mirror-webpage instead of pulling directly from

We are constantly trying to find new mirrors to host our images and repositories. Should you know, who would be willing and able to host siduction (either images or repositories, preferrably both) in your country, please let us know.

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