Looking Back

We have had 10 days to relax and to relieve the pressure. Looking back now, on the past 6 months as well as on the result, things look quite well. At no point during that half year have i had the feeling it would not be worthwile, and i guess the rest of the team would agree to that. All in all, the work in the team was very relaxed.

First release was received well and did good on DistroWatch for a complete newcomer. So we are quite happy with the result. When it comes to bugs, there is mainly two: For one, the installer does not handle some partitions the way the user assigned them in the mount-tab of the web-interface. The other one is the handling of nonfree-firmware by fw-detect. In some cases it just adds contrib and non-free to sources.list and then, from what the user sees, it does nothing. Our best guess right now is that it times out if apt-get update takes too long on weak connections. Other than that we forgot to add some packages like policykit-1 for XFCE.

Work has been ongoing to move our website to a new place. We are waiting for Joomla 2.5 to be released. The old forum has been updated to the new look, the manual has been revised half way by now and went online yesterday. Over time we will try to improve the look and handling of the manual. I also added information about siduction to the Debian Derivatives Census today.

Starting from 15-01-2012, with the first core meeting, we will dive into the release cycle for 2012.1 and see what we want on the menu for our 2nd release. As most every successfull rockband will tell you, the 2nd one is the hardest. 🙂 You got to live up to the first one and make it even better.

Last, but not least, to make ends meet, today Dinko Sabo (vibora) returned to the team. He had disappeared 2 weeks before release and noone knew where he was. So we started worrying, after we had turned a few stones without result. As it turned out, he was in the hospital. Welcome back.

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