KDE SC 4.10.1 packages for siduction (and Debian)

Should you have wondered if siduction came to a grinding halt, let me asure you, that this is not the case.  The fact, that there has been no posts here for a while has two reasons, one being that I am in the USA for two months on vacation and not being on the computer very much. The other is Debian still being in deep freeze and not much happening there. That can change any time now, as RC bugs are down to a mere 43 as of right now.

In the background we are re-writing a lot of things around the build-system, the manual and so on, but these things are not really noteworthy on their own. I will blog about them, once all that is done. What makes me write this today is the fact, that we have siduction packages of KDE SC 4.10.1 for you. I would like to thank santa very much  for providing those packages for us and welcome him under our roof.

If you want to update to KDE SC 4.10.1, you need the line

deb http://packages.siduction.org/kdenext unstable main

in your sources.list. Then run

apt-gt update && apt-get dist-upgrade

Please make sure you run the dist-upgrade outside of X. Former entries to your sources.list pointing to qt-kde repository can be removed, as they are not needed anymore in the future.

Besides KDE SC 4.10.1 we also have a fresh Razor-Qt 5.2 in our repo. For that you need

deb http://packages.siduction.org/razorqt unstable main

in your sources.list.

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