siduction 2021.1.1 »C-Blues« Point Release

To circumvent a bug that made the Calamares installer fail to create GPT partitions in EFI mode, we have released a siduction 2021.1.1 point release. For the technically inclined users among you let me dive into what happened behind the scenes of this bug. A new version 4.2 of dosfstools prevents kpmcore, which sits at the heart of KDE Partition Manager and gets utilized in Calamares, to create GPT partitions.

Dosfstools is to blame

Dosfstools no longer allows empty labels, but it also changed the way labels are reset. In the specific use case of creating a fat32 partition for the ESP, there is no label to reset as the partition does not exist yet. And so the installation fails, whereas if partitions are created before the installation and then pointed to in Calamares, things worked as expected.

Downgrade to the rescue

A fixed official version of dosfstools in the repositories will take a while, so we decided to downgrade dosfstools to 4.1.2, which resulted in the package dosfstools 4.2-1.1~really4.1-2. This point release is only important for fresh installs with Calamares. That is why noX did not get updated, it only has the cli-installer, no Calamares. Users, who have installed siduction already, don’t need to do anything.

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