Getting Bitten by Perl

As if we did not have enough work to do, a perl-transition bites us from behind, preventing we can start building iso-images for testing. All packages listed in that link need to be rebuilt against the new perl version before sid repository will allow building with pyfll. Well, that leaves us some days to get packages built. A lot of work was done to sidu-installer during the week. It basicaly works fine after we did test & fix runs to get a lot of small negligence bugs fixed. Now it needs a bit of CSS-Love and be done with. Also, in the course of the week, kdm and ksplash gave 2 guys from the art team a lot of headaches. But now all is fine there as well.

Last night we also had a quick session to decide on fonts we want to use. That decision was needed for us to get on with the Corporate Desing paper. For text we will use Droid Sans by Google, which is under the Apache License, which makes it usable for us. It helps with being barrier free, as it offers good readability in small fontsizes. So, lets hope, perl transitions without further problems and be done in a few days.

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