Money makes the world go round

Money is, as everywhere else, the motor for many things in Open Source and Free Software also. The difference is, we do not get payed, and money for developement, hardware etc is donated by users who like to see the project prosper. So let me, after ~ 3 months, in the sense of openness, inform you about how much money we received from users that donated without us having anything usable to give back so far.

On the money side, 6 users donated 247,47 € to the accounts of, who are handling our donations. as they do with the european assets for debian. A very generous donation comes from a longtime user of our preceding distributions. He took over payment for our developement server for 2 complete years, which sums up to more than 1500 €. We want to thank every donator very much for the trust they put in us. So far we did not need to spend anything, but in spring of 2012 we will need banners, hardware, merchandise and the like for promoting at Linux conventions. If we have a real moneyflow in/out, i will inform you more detailed with spreadsheets about what we spend your money for. So, please keep it coming 🙂

One thought on “Money makes the world go round

  1. Sorry, but I have to correct one part of devils announcement 🙂

    “… without us having anything usable to give back so far.”
    is -at least in my case- not really right.

    You’ ve given me at least 4 things so far:

    My boot screen shows an image createt by the siduction art team.
    My desktop shows an image createt by the siduction art team.
    A very user friendly community on
    and last -but most important- the hope of a cutting edge but really user friendly distribution in the near future.

    So I like to tell you: Please go on, you are watched with exitement.


    … and sorry for my english.

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