Finaly final: New Sid on the Blog

We done it. Even on time.

Last night we pushed the final iso.images of siduction-2011.1 to the mirrors. After ~ 6 months of work we released a piece of work to you, where every part was decided on by the team. Tiresome in the process, but with satisfying results. Only happy coders are good coders.

We had a week or 3 in the middle of the process where things came to a grinding halt. This was when the infrastructure was set up and before we started the actual fork-process. I knew before we started, that 6 months, mostly without results that you can carry home, would become strenuous, so i was not really worried, had the team proven before that we can act as one.

So we picked up again just in time to make it in the remaining days of 2011 without rushing anything. We took 9 days to let everybody give the RC-release a thorough beating. The installer, as a freshly written piece of software needed, as expected, the most fixes, be it bugs or usability. If anyone is interested, they may follow our work in the commits on GIT or look at our bugtracker.

So now, for a few holydays we are happy and content, before we remember that after release is before release and start tearing things apart to put them together again in a better way. But for now its your turn. Test it, use it, tell us about it, criticize us, click us on DistroWatch, throw money at us, whatever….

And now, for everyone, peace and a successfull year 2012!

One thought on “Finaly final: New Sid on the Blog

  1. Best New year present. Couldn’t have asked more. Going straight to download section… Wish you all and your loved ones a very very Happy New Year.

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