What’s on the menu for siduction 2012.1 so far?

We had some time after the initial release to think about where we want to go from here. This is whats on the agenda so far:

KDE SC will for sure see 4.8.x in the next release, that much is clear. Unclear is still, if the  kdepim-suite  will be updated as well in Debian, so we could see Kmail2 or not. That needs to be taken with a grain of salt. The new kdepim-suite integrates Kmail2 fully in akonadi. The migration to Kmail2 still creates problems with existing accounts, newly created accounts reportedly work fine. But as most everybody has large amounts of mail in numerous accounts, be it pop or imap, that need to be migrated in a clean way. Until that works reliably, the qt-kde-team in Debian thankfully has decided to hold back the new kdepim-suite. That might as well be the case for KDE SC 4.8. I myself would appreciate that.

For the other DEs we ship, I am sure, towo and coruja will work on improving their respective babies XFCE and LXDE, the latter, LXDE,  being the newcomer in the team. But so far nothing concrete has been decided there. Users with a wishlist in that respect should post these issues now on our forum, so that there is enough time to work on these.

I myself am looking closely into Razor-qt and a lot of qt-apps to go with it. Razor as a lightweight qt-pendant to LXDE is still in a very early state, but to push it to more users, i might want to ship it at least as a development-release with 2012.1. That depends on how fast it evolves and its too early to make promises about that now. At least, developement happens on a day-to-day base, which is good. Lets see how much improvement can be done in 2 months.

One often asked for flavour over the years is a minimal iso with no X-Server. We are thinking of shipping that maybe with 2012.1. So hold your breath for that.

Besides that, we will ask our users soon to come up with a codename for 2012.1. As you might know, we name our releases after famous rocksongs. (of course pop, punk and all the other flavours of modern day music are included) A famous song is one thing, the other is: can it be visualized and carry a message that relates to us in any way? The 2nd part is up to our art-team. So await our call for action on the forum soonish 🙂

3 thoughts on “What’s on the menu for siduction 2012.1 so far?

  1. Hi guys iḿ from Brazil and will be nice use in the XFCE version Faenza Icons, i think they are very beautiful. The bleachbit is another good software can be by default. I’m using the package “update-manager-notification” to show new upgrade in the notifications.

    1. Hi hiltongil. Make sure you also post this in the “Ideas and Improvement section of the forum. It would also be nice to see a link to the Faenza Icons. We’re always looking for new ideas.

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