Having fun looking back

I had myself a jolly good time yesterday, when writing an essay named ” Parting of the Ways – The Birth of a Distribution”, which of course tells the story of how we set up siduction from point zero. It will be printed, together with an introductory article to siduction, in next months Linux-User Print-Magazine in Germany.

To be able to be precise about how things fell in place, i had to read all the “old” material scattered over forums, blogs, wikis and IRC-logs. Took a couple hours but was a good read, as i was reassured that we created exactly what we wanted right from the start. Feels good to reread that.

In the last few days we also started searching for the name of the next release 2012.1 and initiated a donation-sprint that will hopefuly give us the needed cash to proceed with producing merchandise.

Other than that, the polish translation of the Bluewater Manual went online the other day, while italian and greek are being worked over. The artteam, which is at the moment rather an art-guy (se7en) and one or 2 people that help out sometimes, needs fresh blood. Over time, putting this on the shoulders of one person is not gonna work out. As we see distro-art as an important part of the package that can’t be neglected, we need to find more artsy people. Is that you? Don’t hesitate, join us now!

And last, not least, my mantra these days is: Lets make siduction a little bit better every day. 🙂

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