Major facelift and engine overhaul for the

The sidu-manual, formerly known as bluewater-manual, has had a nearly complete rewrite of its engine. We switched it from static HTML to Django and changed the structure in a way that allows for easy adding of new sections, which used to be quite painful.

The changes are so thorough that we decided, that it does not have much in common – other than the  contents itself –  with what our friend bluewater and others over at aptosid created by putting in countless hours into this manual. So we decided that it was time to change the name to sidu-manual. Main actors on these changes are hama, who did the heavy lifting from static HTML-Pages to Django and agaida, who worked on the appearance by digging into the CSS part of things and adjusting the looks to our new forum. Hama also ripped out the heart of the search function and put his own code in there, so that the search also works offline right from the CD/DVD.

I started proofreading over the chapters again, paying attention to things that might have changed in the past 12 months and will get into setting up some new chapters over the next few months. The first one will be on systemd, that we will be shipping soon.

So another part of our migration from our predecessor is done. I really want to thank Trevor Walkley aka bluewater for the tremendous work done. This manual is one of the finest out there in linuxland. Just direct your browser towards sidu-manual and look for yourself. The code lives in our git repo.

And now, peaceful holidays, everyone.

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