New website launched

After just two weeks of tinkering, we moved our website over… Well no, not really, let me start over 🙂

Together with the first release of siduction we also wanted to move our website away from Zikula, the CMS that we had used before. We find it unnecessarily complicated in administration without at the same time offering an adequate plethora of options and nifty tools, specially when it comes to things like spam protection. First off we had an intensive look at Joomla, did not really warm to it though. At least, in the process, I learned a lot about setting up Joomla with multiple languages, which a year ago was anything but straight forward.

We then tested about every free CMS there is that looked as it might meet our needs. In the end we settled for a combination of Tiny Portal and Simple Machines Forum (SMF), which we switched to over the last weekend. The move was quite smooth, changing the DNS records had been taken care of beforehand, so there were only a couple of short outages. Please bare with us over the next few days while we take care of last configurations that are best done “in the wild”. We hope that you will have fun with the new website and its forum. In a day or two, after we made all the settings we think are sane, we will offer a subforum for your bugs, wishes and ideas for the forum. So please hold back and look out for that.

Other than that, even though it seems we did not do much work, quite the opposite is true. You will find proof of this if you have a look at over a hundred closed bugs for siduction 2013.2. We do not have a definite name, artwork or date for the 2013.2 release yet, but it is not that far off either. So, folks, prepare your harddisks 🙂

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