Update for our Build Server

We are pleased to announce that our sponsored build server is receiving a hardware update. Currently, the server meets the following performance specifications:

Intel Core i7-3930
64 GB DDR3 1333
4x 2 TB
Adaptec 6405E

The updated hardware :

AMD Ryzen 5700G
64 GB DDR4
4x 2 TB
Adaptec 6405E

The CPU’s benchmark scores on CPU Benchmark thus increase from the previous 8,248 to 24,557 points and provide a significant performance boost.

The replacement of the motherboard will be done next Monday. The website and forum are running on a separate server, so will not have any downtime.

We would like to thank our sponsor IP-Projects, who kindly provides the build server free of charge. If you need web hosting or a server, feel free to check out the offers at https://www.ip-projects.de. We have found IP-Projects to be absolutely reliable and dedicated so far.

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